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This is a Value-Added Service offered by High Places International.

As Consultants serving diverse industries, we have come across many leaders for whom their careers are a source of perpetual ‘high‘, thereby contributing in a big way to both individual and societal growth. But very often, we have also seen Careers taking a toll on the health of these leaders – both emotionally and physically.

HPI Career Clinic is aimed at creating an ecosystem for these leaders to learn and take course corrections in their careers so that their careers make positive contributions to their lives.

We understand that some of these career problems can be complex and each career would have it’s own challenges. Towards understanding these complex issues, HPI Career Clinic connects these leaders with a panel of experts and coaches within our Ecosystem.

What these panel of coaches would do, is provide ‘Perspective’ and ‘facilitate’ creative solutions . These discussions can be done through a personal meeting or over Skype.

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