High Places Corporate Services

High Places International Corporate Services is a New Age Consulting Firm specializing in connecting organizations and people to exciting opportunities in the global market. We function as Relationship Hubs embedded deep in the industry and committed to forging successful partnerships. We are passionate about making successful and meaningful Connections – businesses to opportunities, people to solutions, innovators to ideas, ideas to resources and Products/Services to target audience. What we bring to the table is Social Capital, a rich network accumulated through a decade of adding value to our clients and ability to authentically protect the needs of all stakeholders.

We live and breathe the excitement of creating powerful human networks, architecting shared success stories and facilitating Smart connections. Our Corporate Services division is a by-product of our expansive global network, offering the following services:

  • B2B Connections
  • B2C Connections
  • Global Expansion
  • Marketing Process Outsourcing

We operate from Chennai, New Jersey, San Jose, Perth.