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High Places International is a global executive search firm that helps Fortune 500 companies hire leadership talent. We connect our global clients with appropriate leaders in this ever changing global market. We strive to help our clients with our unique search methodologies so that they can focus on their prime business.

Our Services

We are a new-age executive search consulting firm based out of the USA, UAE, and India, helping our clients with
leadership hiring in 40 countries in global markets.


Our Focus


We work with businesses across the spectrum, from startups to listed MNCs and Fortune 500 companies.Our track record includes private equity firms and family owned businesses.


Our leadership hiring experience spans industries and includes the automotive sector, Media, Tech, Retail, FMCG, Engineering sectors and much more.


We specialise in hiring tech leaders and enjoy working on roles that focus on Big Data, AI, Cyber Security, and other emerging technologies.


Relationships come first

Our mantra for success is working hard to make relationships work. We believe in jointly investing with clients in their ...

Time is an Asset

We save our clients’ invaluable time through our precision in requirements gathering, identifying the right people solutions and presenting...

Stay connected 24*7

In order to ensure prompt & swift service, we work round the clock through our regional offices in Asia, North America, Europe and Australia. Our Central ...

Always run an extra mile.

We strive to do more than we’re asked and take great pride in providing value-added services. Our clients have acknowledged that this is what ...

Our Markets

Having spent 18 years working in the global tech industry, our team has vast experience and a deeper understanding of what clients expect in diverse markets and at various levels of hierarchy. Our global team helps us cater to the ever-changing industry norms and hiring trends across the globe.

A few years after incorporation, we turned our focus towards expanding in the US market. What started with baby steps and a big leap of faith, ultimately led us to many new international clients. As our clients grew and our mandates multiplied, this led to the next big step: setting up our own lovely office in New Jersey, USA. Today, most of the clients we work with are based in the USA.

In North America, we have placed candidates in Canada and USA. Whereas In South America, we have successfully hired tech talent in Brazil and Columbia.

Most of our candidates in the UK and Europe have been placed in



United Kingdom

Denmark and


In APAC, we have placed candidates in countries like:

New Zealand






Papua New Guinea


Hong Kong

In 2023, we aim to expand our existing client base in the Middle East market. In the Middle East, we have successfully placed candidates in countries like



Qatar and


We have placed candidates for a variety of roles in South Africa.

HPI Cheer

HPI Cheer is a non-profit trust and the giving arm of High Places International. It encompasses our social outreach effort to benefit the less-privileged sections of society.

Conscious Capitalism

As a company associated with Conscious Capitalism, we endeavor to create financial, intellectual, social, cultural, emotional, spiritual, physical and ecological wealth for our stakeholders.

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