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Sreeni Nalagandla

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Sreeni is a maverick headhunter and has had a versatile career spanning three decades in varied industries (like Civil Engineering, Banking, Project Management, Environmental Management, Marketing, and Brand Building) before plunging into the Headhunting world.

His professional diary contains pages as a Humor Columnist for leading business dailies, Leadership Coach, Conscious Capitalist, and Guest Faculty for Business schools. He is an avid networker who strives to add value to each transaction. He loves the process of making deals and structuring win-win outcomes day in and day out.

Sreeni graduated as a Civil Engineer and holds a Masters in Management Systems from BITS-Pilani of India.

Jane Ginn

Co-Founder & Director

Jane Ginn is a highly accomplished professional with more than 35 years of experience in the fields of cybersecurity, project management, and international operations. She has served in various executive positions in companies in the transportation, health, and construction engineering sectors, leading initiatives that have resulted in increased efficiency and profitability. Jane is an innovative problem solver and an excellent communicator.

She has a proven track record of successfully managing high-profile projects and achieving desired outcomes for both governments, for-profit and non-profit organizations in Asia, the U.S., Europe, and Latin America. Jane is a respected leader in the field of cyber threat hunting and analysis and supports multiple international technical committees seeking to establish open-source standards for achieving safe and interoperable information technology products and services.

Lekha Parameswaran (alias Tara)

Co-Founder & COO

Lekha is a Bio-Technologist by training who chose to blend her passion for research with her love for meeting people. Her expertise is in developing innovative ‘deep-dive’ technology-based strategies in order to engage with senior business leaders across Geographies and sectors. Besides handling CXO Assignments, she excels in connecting Business leaders to investors who bring to the table not only capital but invaluable experience and vast networks across industries.

She holds a Ph.D in Biotechnology and is a Certified Yoga teacher who is exploring the applications of Yoga in the context of Business and Leadership.

Shinolin Samuel


Shinolin’s life calling to forge human connections has always been in the forefront of her 15+ years experience in the Leadership Consulting world. Her educational background in Business Management (HR Hons), subsequent experience in the Executive Search industry and uncompromising stance on quality & integrity, have fueled her meteoric career which include stints as a Leadership Hiring Consultant, Global Team Manager, Head of Client Relationships, Partner for Global CxO & Sales Hiring and CMO.

Puja Jain

Partner & Director

Puja has a successful track record of leading and executing executive search assignments in the US and EU region, across diverse domains such as IT, BFSI, Energy & Utilities. She is a Technology and Domain agnostic, who strives to achieve speed in all her assignments. Based out of New Jersey, she provides research and client relations support to US and Europe Cientele.

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