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What is HPI Cheer?</strong/

HPI Cheer is a non-profit trust and the giving arm of High Places International. It encompasses our social outreach effort to benefit the less-privileged sections of society.

Our Story behind HPI Cheer

The HPI Cheer initiative comes from the HPI philosophy of celebrating mistakes.

At HPI, we believe that we are blessed beings who evolve through life because of our mistakes. So we celebrate our mistakes and blessings by contributing to the HPI Cheer Fund.

We believe that gratitude is best expressed by giving, and happiness multiplies when shared. So we give our time, effort, energy, and money to make a meaningful and lasting impact on society.

The HPI Cheer Trust is also registered with the Indian government under the Income Tax Act, and all donations are tax deductible u/s 80G.

Care to join us?

At HPI, we conduct our corporate social responsibility initiatives every week.

HPI Cheer uses its funds to feed the destitute on the streets every weekend, to support annadanams for the needy,

To provide school education for kids on the street, and supply everyday necessities for the elderly and medical patients, and many more people from different walks of life.
In 2022, HPI conducted Annadanams for 50 consecutive weeks across India.

Buy our HPI Cheer Journal

We launched our HPI Cheer Journal as a way to learn &amp; celebrate our mistakes and blessings. The HPI Cheer Journal acts as a weekly record where you can give yourself some moments, pause, reflect, and track your evolution over the year by noting down your mistakes and blessings.